Tuesday, December 31, 2013


2013 was a challenging year for me but I would have not made it past through the year without my loving parents. Though it's already my dad's 3rd year to be without us these holidays, my mom remains to be there as my cornerstone providing strength to me in times I need it the most.

Nanay, I love you so dearly. Time and time again, you have proven that I am so much loved. Your overpowering emotions of love and care has carried me through the difficult times. Forever it will be etched in my heart that I would have not braved through the storms if not for the guidance and assistance you constantly provide. I so love you nanay.

Tatay, wherever you may be, I know you were always there everyday of my life. The idea of having you by my side has kept my head aloft despite being stuck in a drowning situation. I love you tatay and I miss you so much. I know you are extremely happy wherever you may be.

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