Tuesday, December 31, 2013


No words could actually express how whirlwind of a year it was in 2013. Time was just so fast that I never got to feel this year - not a single bit. It was a challenging and oftentimes heartbreaking year for me as I suffered from one blow to the other. Things were just as chaotic and melancholic as it can be. But the year will come to a close with me feeling more determined and much happier - looking forward for the new year ahead. Before I move to my 2014, let me do a recap of what has happened in 2013 in my life. A bittersweet year yet a year where I have learned a lot.

January started on a bitter note as I was hospitalized straight ahead and has to stay in Makati Med for more than a week. 7 liters of water was taken out of my lungs and it was one of the painful events in my existence. Trying as I thought I could not make it. If only I was a tad late in going to the hospital, I could have not made it past this year. God is still good.

February saw the celebration of my mom's birthday. We did it in a simple way as I was still on my road to recovery and was still weak after the tragic event in January. Look at how thin I was.

March saw my return to the office thinking that I'm already okay. I was happy to have my return to work and was raring to prove myself once more. It was one of the best days ever. Work once more but I never thought it would last for just a few months - April, May, June and then it suddenly stopped once more...

My whole world crashed anew as I got hospitalized for the second time at the end of June and beginning of August. Another near-death experience for me as I struggled once more and had to dig deep within myself to actually survive. I lost friends, I lost chances/opportunities at work, people deserted me, I was left with almost nothing in me. Only my true friends and my family were there to guide me and make me strong.

August, September and October saw me at home in Batangas - bed rest trying desperately to recover. Time has been lost but my will to be better stayed. I still have that belief that some day things would only get better. By the end of October I am ready once more to face the world once more.

November saw me back in the office. Finances aside, I was better. I have realized how lucky I was with my family and with my true friends. Some of the people who I thought are true have left which marked a new start for my life - fresh beginnings. This time, I am focusing more on myself and the people who stayed by me.

By the end of November, I have launched my fb page on my photography - JA Photography. Of course not all were impressed but I was more than thankful to those who believed and have continued believing. This will be a long journey for sure and I am ready for this new development on my life.

This also marks the first time I am celebrating both Christmas and New Year in Batangas. I am so happy to spend it with my family and this is truly a very wonderful time. 2013 was difficult but towards its end it is turning out to be a very good one - just in time for a very meaningful 2014.

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