Tuesday, December 10, 2013


2013 has been a trying year for me that tested my inner strength to survive. After 2 hospitalizations last January and August, I would love to say that I am back and I am raring to give you more and more posts in the coming days. As I would like to say it, "From the ashes rises the phoenix once more. This time stronger and more determined.

It was really a tough year where I saw my weight shrink to 44 kilos. But I am back and slowly packing up the meat again as I am now back to 56 kilos. Thanks to all those people who constantly helped and never left my side specially during those difficult times - my family, my true friends.

Also, as I close out 2013, I have started my FB page on photography:  JA Photography

I would start my children blogs soon for this new endeavor of photography and also I'm cooking up something on food and travel. Again, to my loyal Bluecloud readers, I miss all of you. I am back.

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