Tuesday, December 31, 2013


2013 was a rough year and I have 13 things I am leaving behind for the year that was.

1. Bad Health - you've dragged me long enough so i'm leaving you behind
2. That Special Someone - it has been long years with you till you decided to let go
3. Empty Wallet - wishing for better finances in 2014
4. Blank Planner - time to plan for new things, bigger and better ones
5. Bad Karma - let God do the rest
6. Empty Soul - have a renewed relationship with God
7. Untrue friends - nice to know you but time to move on
8. Enemies - leave the bad vibes behind
9. Tired heart - time for a fresh start, may it be with someone else or staying single
10. Tears - time to dry up the eyes and look for happier days
11. Worn Feet - need to re-energize and be back on track
12. Bad habits - stay away from the bad, look for the good
13. Old me - stronger, better, revived and renewed ME

The road towards 2014 is clear. I shall resume my journey and once again live my life.

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