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There is never a guarantee that big productions and big names equate box-office and critical acclaim in Hollywood. And as such, 2013 is littered with a lot of movie misses and disappointments. Here's the 10 that missed it big time.

1. After Earth
M. Night Shyamalan recent run of disappointments in the box-office continues with After Earth. With a big budget and a cast of A-name Will Smith and Karate Kid hitmaker Jaden Smith, it was all just bound for success but things just went wayward from there. The film disappointed both critics and movigoers alike. A lot has been said with the material not being so original and the story a bit bland in comparison with other sci-fi movies.

2. The Ender's Game
Big screen adaptations of novels have been either big hits or big misses in the past year and The Ender's Game unfortunately was on the losing end. The story was good but was way too predictable much akin to the likes of other sci-fi novels of its genre. Not even Harisson Ford or Viola Davis' presence in the film could save it from critical and box-office disappointment.

3. Romeo and Juliet
Another modern retelling of this well-loved Shakespeare novel bomber at the tills and the movie reviews. This British remake failed to put the magic into the love story. There was simply lack of chemistry between the stars and it felt like a trying hard love story. Many would be rethinking if ever they will have another remake of Romeo And Juliet. It seems like audiences have had enough.

4. The Lone Ranger
I was expecting big time from any Johnny Depp film but Line Ranger somehow did not live to its expectations. It seems the magic of Depp has ever since faded after the last Pirates movie. Director Gore Verbinski has all the great ideas for this film but it lacked appeal and charisma. Let alone that the titular character is already an aged old character from the past and not that well loved in today's settings.

5. Grown Ups 2
I enjoyed the first Grown Ups film but this sequel was simply off the mark. Despite the stellar cast of Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James and David Spade the film was simply out of its comedic timing. I would have preferred to leave the first film alone rather than have this so-so of a sequel.

6. Kick Ass 2
Another sequel to miss the mark is Kick Ass 2. The first film was not outstanding as well but this film was just plain mediocre. This film failed big time from all aspects - story, action, screenplay even on the effects side. Plainly said, this film was just one of those that I could have or should have missed instead.

7. The Internship
I thought that with Vince Vaugh and Owen Wilson reteaming for this film, it would be a sure fire hit. But this one lacked the magic and comedic timing of The Wedding Crashers. All jokes were seemed half-baked and failed to grab big laughs. The film relied too much on these 2 stars power that it failed to deliver a good story and a wonderful script for people to relate to.

8. Movie 43
A big miss! Movie 43 was a failure from the get go. Too many skits and too many stories. Some are interesting but was not able to save the entire film from failure. It was one of those times were you wish it could have been less. Even the presence of big stars Hugh Jackman, Uma Thurman, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry and Gerard Butler could not propel this into critical and box-office success. When the film ended, it was like I was riding a rollercoaster that went 720 degrees off its normal course.

9. Evil Dead
Same old script, same old storyline. The horror genre has been so far predictable and Evil Dead was of no exception. Boring and did not even freak me out. This film is sad to be one of the worst horror films I have ever watched.

10. The Hangover Part 3
I enjoyed the first film, still had fun with the second but for this third one I think interest. The only saving grace for me on this film is that the cast remains to be really good. The script and story was plain bland and was not at par with the first two movies. It is a sequel that seemed like was done only for the sake of earning.

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