Monday, November 8, 2010


When I first heard of this news, I pinched myself in disbelief. No way, this isn't true. After listening to the last hours of NU 107 last night, I still said, maybe it was just a joke and maybe they aren't signing off for good. I turned the radio on and went to 107 frequency and all was static....

It was a a sad news for rock aficionados. Sunday 11:59 PM was the last time audiences would hear of NU 107. Yup, I was also saddened by this fact. I am not a hard core rock fan but I loved some of the groups/bands that were played in this station through the years. I don't want to deal on what has happened and why they closed shop. I posted this to reminisce and give thanks and appreciation to a once fledging FM station.

Nu has changed the landscape of radio listening. It has been long glorious years of fun and rocking. NU gave us a breath of fresh air with its youthful energy, dynamics, creativity and out-of-the-box sounds. It has been a home to some of local talents' bests like Spongecola, Bamboo, Chicosci and Eraserheads. The year isn;t complete as well if fans don't get to join the NU Rock Awards. Too sad their October 29 show would be their last. And what a wonderful choice for a final song - Huling El Bimbo. It was a dramatic ending. Here's an excerpt from Youtube of the final 10 minutes of NU 107.

Youtube Link:

Truly NU 107 will be sorely missed. Thanks for all the wonderful years you have given us. I don't wanna say goodbye. Maybe, just maybe, till we meet again.

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