Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Another big movie event of the year is the final installment to the Dark Knight saga. The caped crusader is once more back with "Dark Knight Rises". It is definitely a challenge to Director Christopher Nolan o follow-up on such great success as "The Dark Knight" much with the love affair of audiences with Heath Ledger's character Joker.

But the epic finale to the Dark Knight trilogy was just superb. Everything in the film was just so wonderfully done and carved to create such a wonderful masterpiece. The characters were given their highlights showing their importance in the whole Batman universe. Christian Bale once more was convincing as Batman - strong, firm and oftentimes stiff and also as his alter ego Bruce Wayne - charismatic, charming yet shows sign of being fragile. He has shown that Batman was more human than hero which makes it more touching and heart-felt.

Anne Hathaway joins the cast as Selina Kyle (Catwoman). She has given the character a new dimension - a fresh feel of change. In here, she shows that the Catwoman indeed is not all about stealing. She has reasons and the film shows us that somewhere along the way, we could make changes in our lives. Indeed, she has wowed audiences with her sexy portrayal of the master thief.

The best addition to the long list of Batman villains is Bane. Foeget how dreadful the portrayal of Bane is in Batman and Robin. This new one sure packs a punch. It shows a different kind of villain - cunning, tactical and planned. He has combined brains with brawns and he has executed his plans well. Unlike Joker who pretty much just likes to destroy Batman, Bane has other motives deeper than the skin.

The visuals and the effects were superb as Gotham City was transformed into a dark city of chaos, anguish and fear. The film may have been dark as what a lot have said but it was a great picture of deep down evil. The gadgets were again spectacular specifically the motorcycle that turns wheels. Wow! That is cool indeed!

The story was compelling and you would not miss a scene. It pays to have watched the first 2 films but it is not a necessity. There were some scenes or narratives that go back as early as he first film but you could easily catch it with some of the snippets and flashbacks. And just when you thought that what you see is what you get, you'll get surprised on who the true enemy is. 5 out of 5 popcorns!

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