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The Filipino films have reached great heights in 2013 with some innovations in storytelling, cinematography and concepts. It was also a big year in terms of box-office returns.

1. It Takes A Man and A Woman

The third installment in this love story proved to be a big hit once more. Cathy Garcia-Molina created one film that is based on the loved characters of Laida (Sarah Geronimo) and Miggy (John Lloyd Cruz) but made sure the characters have shown maturity beyond their years. This is not the typical love story but still infused with the usual antics and punchlines typical of Star Cinema films. Both a critical and a box-office success indeed.

2. 10,000 Hours

One word - gripping! This is probably one of the best action films Philippine cinema has to offer. The story and its unpredictability is quite interesting. In every scene, one could not help but ask what's next. Though people may see it as rip-offs from famous Hollywood films of this genre, it is still a way up in terms of storytelling and cinematography. Joyce Bernal has succeeded in creating a masterpiece with this one. And as usual, Robin Padilla is plain hot.

3. On The Job

The Philippine action film business came alive in 2013 for sure and another one of the reasons is internationally acclaimed "On The Job". This Erik Matti action thriller does not only thrive on its great premise and wonderful story. It also breathes its own life with a cast of great actors/thespians. Piolo Pascual and Gerald Anderson were both great with their roles but Joey Marquez and Joel Torre were both remarkable. The film makes us think on what we'll do just to reach for our dreams and ambitions. Truly compelling.

4. She's The One

Filipinos really have a strong liking for love stories and this shows why I also love "She's The One". The movie popularized "The Girl In The Rain" concept. A lot could relate with the story of two best friends with one falling in love with the other - I guess that is the usual case. Bea Alonzo, Dingdong Dantes and Enrique Gil sure elicited laughs on this film but also touched a lot of hearts with some of the film's seemingly real drama.

5. Tuhog (2013)

Don't mistake this with the sexy caper from the 90's. This one is a dark comedy film directed by Veronica Velasco. Not as high-grossing as some of the films in this list, this one however differentiates itself in context. It lets us in the lives of 3 individuals and how one rowdy road accident could intertwine their situations. Great performance from the cast especially Eugene Domingo. One of the surprise films of 2013.

6. Ekstra

This film is the first foray of Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos into the world of indie films. It let us join the lives of bitplayers (extras) in the Philippine movies. Ate Vi was again great with her performance as well as the supporting cast. This socio-realist drama-comedy, directed by Jeffrey Jeturian made an impact in saying that people may play bit roles but it does not undermine their importance in the world.

7. Alagwa

This is a 2012 film but was only released commercially in 2013 starring Jericho Rosales. This drama film directed by Ian Lorenos focuses on a father's struggle in finding his son. Alagwa or "Breakaway" in its international release was loosely based on the Chinatown Manila belief about a child's disappearance. Interesting enough, this film received great reviews from critics and moviegoers alike. Breakthrough performance for Bugoy Carino on this movie.

8. Four Sisters and a Wedding

I just enjoyed the ides of sibling rivalry and how one situation could actually change the way they think and just dive deep through themselves and go back to the past where they were all just happy together. Cathy Garcia-Molina triumphed once more and it was not an easy task of combining big star names such as Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo, Toni Gonzaga, Shaina Magdayao and Enchong Dee together. The trailers not showing Enchong's "bride" is actually one of the selling points of the film. :)

9. Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?

All I could say was this is probably the lightest comedy film I have watched in 2013. It may not have the strongest of stories but it is truthful in providing joy and laughter to the audience. Kim Chiu was a revelation here as she seems very comfortable in comedies. Joyce Bernal again showed she is one of the best directors in terms of rom-coms.

10. Bromance: My Brother's Romance

Zanjoe Marudo shined in this film. His comedic timing is indeed wonderful. I did not think that he would portray a gay role with such conviction but he nailed it. Funny and very light approach, this Wenn Deramas film is also one for the laughs.

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