Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The most famous of all Shakespeare novels make its way to the big screen anew. This time via an animated retelling of the beloved "Romeo and Juliet". And unlike the tragic novel we have long known, this new animated feature takes us to a different setting and different tone.

We are all welcomed to the world of the Gnomes, thus the monicker of Gnomeo rather than Romeo. We all dive into the world of two warring family of gnomes - the reds and the blues. Gnomeo is from the Blue family while her love interest Juliet is from the Red family. The film has fun spelled all over it as even the trailers suggest. The music from Elton John adds to the humor of the scenes as well. The supporting characters also give the added spark to this animated feature. Not as brilliant or moving as "Up" or "Toy Story" and not as much fun as "Kung Fu Panda", still this film made me laugh and smile.I am not too much happy with the seemingly abrupt ending but overall the story was nice.

We all need to believe not to live in the past. We are created to have lives of our own - free from conflicts from the past and just share love to whomever we want to share it. Overall, Gnomeo is a 3.5 out of 5 popcorns!

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