Friday, October 1, 2010


Now what is next? A dismal season 9 has suddenly prompted American Idol to do changes - big time. American Idol has launched its new and revamped set of judges. Since last season, Simon Cowell's departure has already been confirmed but the latest shape-ups in the idol panel came into a big surprise. Oh, I'll miss Simon by much. After only one season, Ellen Degeneres gave her intentions of not returning to the show. She cited that admiring talents of young singers is her thing but giving them criticisms and sometimes harsh words is not really her forte. She seems different when in Idol in compared to when in Ellen. Did not like her much in AI. But what came as a surprise was Kara DioGuardi's exit. Reports have shown that she was booted out of Idol. I personally don't like her much but she sure knows her thing as she is an excellent songwriter.

So that leaves Randy Jackson as the only resident host. Then several names crept the net on who will be the replacements? Questions also abound as to howmany judges will there be. Names like Justin Timberlake, Shania Twain and Jessica Simpson were reportedly being eyed. But the first judge to be confirmed was Steven Tyler. When the news came, I was - "WHAT?". I loved Aerosmith but Tyler as a judge, I am not quite sure of.
So okay, Tyler's in but what shocked me was the next announcement. J.Lo. I loved J.Lo when she performs and she has shown that somehow he can act. She was one of the few ones able to grab top spots in both album, song and movies. Is she gonna be the new "Simon"? Will her recent diva attitude bring great criticisms to the contestants? I am not a fan of this decision.

AI is gambling big time this season with these changes. For me, unless the new batch of contestants have the highest level of talent, the new set of judges can't save an ailing "Idol". Maybe, I'll pass this season.

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