Friday, December 3, 2010


It has been years since the first Saw movie scared us and this 2010, its 7th film dubbed as its last tries to frighten us once more. I have watched all the Saw films just for the sake of following the franchise. =) I loved Saw 1 and Saw 3 but the rest were not so great. So how did Saw 3D fare?

As again, Saw suffers a bit from cohesiveness which Saw 3D is a no exception. It also usually pertains to some scenes in the previous films in the franchise and a non-avid fan would definitely find it difficult to follow. But one thing I like about Saw is how Jigsaw plans of killing its preys. I usually refer to his ways as "Home Alone: The Deadly Version". I admire how each of the writers plan on the traps and other mind buggling killers. I personally like "The Garage Trap" which killed 4 people in a domino style thing. That really was painful - car tires getting smashed into your face. As a follower of the series I loved the idea of bringing back some of the previosu characters for this last hurrah.

But aside from that, there's not much really on this film. However, for fans of the series, this is better than Saw 6 so might as well watch it. 3 out of 5 popcorns for me.

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