Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Philippine TV is never complete without commercials and advertisements. There are high budget ones, ads which show your fave celebrities and some that feature common people. Others focus on family, love and a whole bunch are just for fun. I have listed down my fave commercials for 2010. These ads never fail to please me one way or another. Here's my Top 10.

1. KFC Shakin Shots - "We Love Venus Raj"
- Taking the whole country like storm, this new KFC ad has surely made us laugh and enjoy. This is the introductory commercial for their new product "Shakin' Shots". This as features 4 guys/gays watching the Miss Universe 2010 pageant while holding on to their favorite Shakin' Shots box. Surreal and fun. KFC never fails to give out fun commercials.

2. Fita - "Wishing Well"
- It began as a cute love story type TV ad with all the colors, the setting and the two seemingly in love models all beaming with smiles whild holding on to their fave snack - Fita. But this ad ended on a very hilarious note. As they went into the garden and saw a wishin well, they both stand in front of it and the guy was about to throw out the last Fita cracker to the well. Nah, he can't! He simply dodged the biscuit straight to his mouth much to the shock of his girl. Hahaha. Her face was down right funny.

3. Nescafe Decaf - "Pamahiin"
- Plain and simple, this ad features Filipino traditions and superstitions. Up to the end, the lead girl was about to follow all the things the other girl was telling her. Not until she was told not to drink coffee at night as she might not fall to sleep. Then she burst into a series of fast words saying that it's okay to drink coffee since it is decaf.

4. Close-Up - "Come Closer Revolving Door"
- Close-up never fail to impress with their commercials. It is always done in class and often deals with love. And what more could I say. The two lead stars were so gorgeous. This Tv ad has also several other versions aired in Brazil, India and other countries.

5. CoffeeMate - "Uhhm"
- I can still recall the old Coffeemate series with Alex Compton and the beautiful girl (i forgot her name). And yet they are back with another couple inspired ad. This is fun to watch and just looking at the two models simply could make your day. Zero trans-fat.

6. Vaseline - "Uno Dos Tres Cuatro"
-  Hahaha! Laugh is what I did when I first saw this commercial. The ad shows a camera loving family striking a pose whenever they see cameras. Such a funny ad from Vaseline. While keeping it funny, it still makes a good ad to showcase the models' hairs and their being one as a family.

7. McDonald's - "Soldiers"
-  Several ads for McDo came out promoting their "no minimum order required" delivery but this one stood out for me. While one commandant tells his soldiers instructions making them look like robot even as they try to eat, a delivery boy from McDo came and has a food for the commander. I love the reaction of the soldiers who were about to start eating. Nice pause. =)

8. Lucky Me - "How Saucy"
- Saucy or Sozy? This is a question when you start viewing the ad. The girl tells us how to eat Lucky Me the saucy way. The castle like setting makes it an irony specially when she ate her bowl of Lucky Me and left remnants of the saude on her lips.

9. Argentina Meat Loaf - "Meat Loaf Kita"
- So far, this is the only commercial that I enjoy listening to the jingle. Featuring kids singing to the "Meat Loaf Kita" theme alongside meatloaf circles with smiles was fun to watch. At the first airing of this ad, you can't help but singing along.

10. Voice Crackers - "OA"
- Simply put - OA. Hahahaha. This one has a son and father acting rather weird after eating the Voice crackers. Still it makes me laugh one way.

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