Monday, July 18, 2011


Oftentimes, movie franchises end up losing steam as it age with time but Harry makes a wonderful exception. With its decade long existence in the movies scene, the Harry Potter movie series only got bigger and better with each installment. And this franchise ending deserves a round of applause and a standing ovation.

All i could say about Harry Potter could not be summed up with few words as it is one of the greater films of the year and of all-time. Harry's adventure comes to an end after 10 years and 8 books brought to life on screen. This last film showcases the ultimate battle between good and evil and how the good triumphs amidst adversities. Although, the film did depart from the book at some way or another, it has somehow given justice to the wonderful journey of Harry, Ron and Hermione. This is the first Harry movie that makes it in 3D format and it did not disappoint. The visuals were wonderful and well crafted. You'll feel the somber of the moment with the darkness of the scenes and feel the drama with every moment. The cinematography was once again splendid and breathtaking. it is like you are really there in the scene and sharing the moment with Harry and the rest of Hogwarts.

I can also say that this has the most of hearts in all the Harry movies. Rather than just focusing on magic and battle scenes, David Yates never feared in giving us stand-out performances from the cast. The film made sure that it touches one's hearts. The deaths of some of the main characters in the film were so touching. One dateh really made me weep by a bit. I won't tell as some might have not watched the film yet. Plus more touching moments come when Harry discovers his true fate. What if everything is already planned and you are destined to die at the end? That's Harry's dilemna at the latter part of the movie.

The performances of the cast were commendable. Daniel Radcliffe was again convincing as Harry so as with his superfriends Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint). The others on supporting cast were also convincing as usual in their roles. Ralph Fiennes who played Lord Voldemort has evil written all over him and was such a nasty persona on screen. Helena Bonham Carter was ever so annoying and convincing while playing Bellatrix. And I just loved Severus Snape more in this film as he was effortlessly played by Alan Rickman. Even the subtleness of Maggie Smith's performance is to be noted in this one.

Overall, Harry Potter last hurrah was a bag full of greatness - from directing, storylines, acting, effects, sounds and as many more you can mention. For sure Harry will be missed. But remember one thing, help will come to those who deserve them. Harry Potter's wonderful cinematic journey comes to an end. Definitely 5 out 5 popcorns.

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