Monday, July 11, 2011


There's one particular game from which I am so into these days. And this is a Facebook Game. Yup, It is Gaia Online's "Monster Galaxy".

What makes is so addicting is the actual gameplay that resembles that of Pokemon where you would be capturing monsters called Mogas and then level them up through battling other wild Mogas or by finishing quests. I currently have 43 mogas and I am surely wanting to get more. The gameplay is simple and the visuals are good. The Mogas range from being cute to really being awesome. It is also challenging as the difficulty level rises as you move to the further rounds. I have opened the Pueblonia map already but still has unfinished tasks on the Sunshire map. My highest level Moga is Knine which is already Level 15.

I hope this game goes on and adds more maps or story archs so that we can keep playing it. Much like Pokemon, this game is very wonderful RPG and adventure type game. So I'm ready to roll!

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