Tuesday, May 22, 2012


One of the hottest and super controversial pop stars in the music industry has finally made her stop in the Philippines - Lady Gaga. While her arrival in the country has not been as warm as others, save for the protests surrounding her beliefs and sexual induced numbers, the show must go on.

The Born This Way Ball has officially started May 21 and will have a second run on May 22. Lady Gaga is sure one big pop star here in the metro as her tickets are selling like hotcakes even with the prices being quite astronomical.

For those who would like to purchase tickets to her concert, you have the last chance to do so for today. Ticket prices as below:

PATRON Standing – P15,840
LOWER BOX Reserved Seats - P11,620
LOWER BOX (Persons w/ Disability) Standing – P11,620
UPPER BOX (Reserved Seating) – P5,280
UPPER BOX (Persons w/ Disability) Standing – P5,280
GENERAL ADMISSION (Free Seating) – P2,120
GENERAL ADMISSION (Persons w/ Disability) Standing – P2,120

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