Thursday, May 24, 2012


Towering above everyone else, on could feel the clouds so close yet so far. Life is like this, one day you'll feel the joy of success but always remember that it's not as always. There is always a route back down. Let's just be prepared to land with grace.

Like all of us have dreams that seem so difficult to reach. Let us remember that anything is possible and all we have to do is patiently wait and persevere.

And as we slowly go back down, keep in mind the joy of success and always be thankful for all the blessings, That way, we can always go back up and experience it anew.

Life is colorful indeed. Even at the back of shadows, there's always a glimmer of color waiting to be unleashed.

Red means love yet red means blood as well. But it's not always that blood connotes sadness, we should see it as a symbol of life.

We live different lives everyday but it all ends up to only one destination - that is be with HIM. Our lives while we are here on Earth, is like water. live it and take the flow, but never be afraid to challenge the norms sometimes. You don't have to flow everytime. Sometimes you can make a splash.


Pictures: Blogger's Own
* Here are some test shots I did while going around SM Mall of Asia. MOA has surely been a place of good memories for me and some challenging ones too but overall that's what makes it a colorful and wonderful place.

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