Thursday, September 6, 2012


I don't know why i am feeling this. One time i'm all up in spirits and then the next time i am down. Doubts, fears and anxiety enclose me once anew into this box which seems to have no openings.

Do i fit in your world? Yours is a place of luxury, extravagance and hype.mine is a relatively simpler one. I do have fun but not as how you spell it. Plus i know my past somehow haunts me as i felt u suddenly stayed away. I don't know if your friends like me for you. I felt the cold shoulder but still i am breathing love.

My question however is for how long? Are you willing to welcome me into your world or would it be better if i moved further away. I like you. The moments we were together were surreal. Just not sure if it could last a lifetime....

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