Sunday, February 12, 2012


Here are the ladies which ruled Hollywood in 2011 - movies, tv, fashion and just about anywhere else.

1. Jennifer Lawrence (New Entry)
Jennifer first got attention with the film "Winter Bones" which was critically acclaimed. And then she went on to star in such commercial hits like "X-Men: First Class" where she played the role of the shape shifter Mystique. We would expect more of her in 2012 as she stars in "The Hunger Games".

2. Emma Watson (Last Year: 2)
Hermione as we commonly know her from her film "Harry Potter; has sure grown as a fine lady. Although we'll miss her in the Potter movies, we expect more things to happen to this talented young star.

3. Kristen Stewart (Last Year: 3)
Kristen's star continues to shine. And with a $12 million talent fee, she has became Hollywood's No. 10 paid highest paid actress. She did make us shiver with her wonderful performance in the last of the 2 Twilight films - "Breaking Dawn: Part 1".

4. Minka Kelly (New Entry)
After being declared by GQ as the sexiest women, she stormed television with the recent adaptation of "Charlie's Angels". Although the series was short-lived, Minka still spelled smoking hot!

5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (New Entry)
She stirred controversy when she was tapped to replace Megan Fox in the new Transformers movie. Rosie was a newbie in acting but she did fairly well in the process. And she truly has one of the best bods there is.

6. Amanda Seyfried (New Entry)
Though her film "Red Riding Hood" fared just fine in the box-office, Amanda remained in the mix of the best in Hollywood as she continues to grace several magazines for covers and centerfolds.

7. Angelina Jolie (Last Year: 1)
Angelina may have not much of movie projects in 2011 but she still kept herself busy with all her humanitarian efforts. Still constantly seen on all events together with hubby Brad Pitt, she still is the toast of the town.

8. Cameron Diaz (New Entry)
Cameron did star in one comedy "Bad Teacher" and I would say it was okay. Her relationship status was a frequent talk of the town. I still miss her in her butt kicking days as one of the Angels.

9. Megan Fox (Last Year: 9)
After being axed in the Transformers series, Megan still hasn't landed any good movie roles and yet she still elicits media attention big time. Well I guess it's simply because she's hot and gorgeous.

10. Emma Stone (New Entry)
It was one busy 2011 for Emma as she starred in a number of movies last year. After co-starring with Justine Timberlake and Mila Kunis in "Friends with Benefits", she joins the cast of "Crazy, Stupid, Love" and "The Help".

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