Saturday, September 3, 2011


Simfoni Luar Biasa (A Special Symphony) is an Indonesian film starring our very own premier balladeer Christian Bautista. In here, he plays struggling singer Jayden who is at a lost for his purpose and having difficulty  looking for his happiness. But even as he is the prime star of this movie, shining even brighter are the kids who are in this film.

Aside from Jayden's struggles the film focuses on the current situation of kids with special needs. It addresses how each one is unique and how we should be treating them. It was also a great showcase of the kids talents and I was just in awe listening to them sing. The movie is not the picture perfect one you would expect but it was a heartwarming experience. The plot was good enough to make you feel the emotions. Christian Bautista's acting chops are highly commendable as you can feel how he relates with the kids. The musicality and the sound were also something nice. I only felt a bit detached with the initial scenes of the movie which I believe could have been done better. But I super like the final scenes where Christian showed to us that he has improved way beyond his acting skills.

The movie sets a message and it sends them right. We should value how we treat people whatever situation they are. Like the kids of "The Special Symphony", we should see life as one great picture. 4.5 out of 5 popcorns.

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