Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Bourne without Matt Damon was sure one film worth taking a look at. And with Jeremy Renner taking the lead role in the film, it was sure one movie that can be watched. What makes me more interested with this 4th installment is the fact that the film shot some scenes in Manila, Philippines. it is truly intriguing to see how our country is portrayed in the film.

So back to the movie itself. As the storyline puts it, it seems Jason Bourne is not the only "project" but is only one of the many ones out there. And in the process of taking down the entire black ops program, one strong "project" by the name of Aaron Cross makes his way and resists to survive. Renner makes well for a good action hero but I guess I was missing the whole Bourne thing with Matt Damon. And even with the inclusion of beautiful Rachel Weisz on the fray, the film could not be saved totally from missing Damon.

The film has a good storybase to begin with but did not live much to the hype. There were initial scenes that wer too dragging and tends to put people into possible boredom. And when the action scenes began piling up with the chase scenes in Manila either on foot or in motorcycles, then it just abruptly stopped with people hanging at their seats hoping there was more.Commendable are the chase scenes which were really good and to tell you honestly Manila does not look that bad on film.

In addition to those mentioned above, Renner and Weisz were not really destined for chemistry and the possible love angle in the film could not be used to its fullness. Moreso, the film was more like a prelude rather than a whole movie itself. it seems like it was bordering on the idea of a possible new movie franchise. It was good but not good enough. it could have been better. 3 out of 5 popcorns.

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