Thursday, November 22, 2012


I was kinda shocked with the elimination of Bryan Keith as he missed out in the Top 8 for this season's The Voice. But here is my Top 5 out of the 8 remaining artists.

1. Melanie Martinez
The gap-toothed singer as what the internet fans call her, Melanie is surely one of the more unique voices left in the competition. Her style is a getaway from the usual pop we hear from today's artists. She is generally likeable and really knows who she wants to portray on the stage.

2. Dez Duron
From the start, I believe Dez has all the makings of a star. Although he does not have the best vocal chops in the competition, he truly adds style, charisma and performance that makes him such a winner. With good looks and hot bod to complement his good voice, he can truly win a lot of votes from fans.

3. Nicholas David
Another unique artist in the competition is Nicholas David. In terms of look and marketability to the young audience, we might see a bit of difficulty in making him a star. But then again, it's not just that makes one star successful. With a pleasing personality and a humble outlook, his voice could definitely take him to places.

4. Cody Belew
Cody is different but in a good way much like Adam Lambert is. What i like the most is his use of different vocal ranges and styles - falsetto, natural, vibrato and a lot more. He has spunk and drive that can actually make him push for more.

5. Trevin Hunte
Trevin is definitely one of the best vocalists in the competition with that high range on notes. But aside from that his youthfulness shows a bubbly personality that is easy to like. Although there are some issues on consistencies, arguably he is one vocal behemoth!

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