Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The X-Factor USA Season 2 is really heating up and the competition and the judges are all toughening up. And as early as now where there are still 12 contestants on board, I am spilling my Top 5 bets on who I think will be doing exceptionally well as the competition goes on.

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar
Thirteen year old Carly Rose may prove to be the one with the strongest vocals in the competition and with her age she is destined to go places. Her vocal range and control is truly impeccable. She commands presence like no one else can. And aside from her wonderful vocal chops, what's likeable about Carly Rose is her personality - no fancies, no heartbreaking story behind her, just pure talent. Her performance of "It Will Rain" was simply amazing.

2. Emblem3
Okay, they may not have the best voices in the competition but this group truly has what it takes to succeed in today's pop world - marketable and relatable. The trio of hunks are actually good stage performers as they try to engage their audience with each performance. Every time they go out on stage, they just embody that great bag of energy which makes people like them. And one more thing to note is that they really enjoy each performance.

3. Vino Alan
I like Vino Alan from the get-go. He is one of the more sincere performers in the competition. It seems like every single performance he does is truly heart-felt and one could feel the emotions he is conveying with his every word. I like how he made "When A Man Loves A Woman" his own.

4. Paige Thomas
Minus her frequent crying, I think Paige is one of the acts that is ready for the real world as shown by her performances. It seems like she has a high level of comfort while performing on stage and that her every move was well executed. Her voice is not that powerful but the sultry feel of it could pass well for some songs that really suit her. She just might be the next R&B/Pop Fusion waiting on the wings.

5. Fifth Harmony
This is the third name for this group which used to be called Lylas and 1432 but they sure showed growth in just a few weeks time. Despite not being a group really and coming from individuals who were just grouped for the show, this quintet of ladies have shown they have what it takes to challenge for the title of X-Factor. They enthralled with their rendition of Christina Perri's A Thousand Years.

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