Sunday, September 12, 2010


I pretty much think that Floyd is actually not destined for boxing supremacy but for showbiz superstardom.

I am not just speaking as a Filipino who got irate with his irrational and judgmental comments on the recent video rant that he posted in the net. The 4-minute video just showed a kid-like and uneducated behavior from the younger Mayweather. The video was an explitive-filled spectacle from Floyd.

He deliberately mispronounce Pacquiao's last name often sounding as "Pooch -Yeow". The video also did not raise eyebrows from avid Pacquiao fans but also to some Asians who viewed it. His remarks towards Manny doing sushi rolls for him has raged some asians. He also belittled Manny's height citing that he is a midget and once they fight it would just be a cakewalk.

Well, I applaud Mayweather's talent in boxing but he has gone below the belt with this one - way below the belt. He does not need this king of sh*t. I think he is an attention grabber who is envious of all the attention Manny is getting from people across the globe. Floyd surely has a problem and he need to fix himself first. He is good, no doubt about that but his attitude can be compared to trash. Maybe someone need to teach Floyd a lesson or two about good manners.

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