Monday, November 8, 2010

I Support Manny Pacquiao, the World’s #1 Boxer, Just Like Head and Shoulders, the World’s #1 Shampoo!

Manny Pacquiao - world class boxer! Head & Shoulders - world class brand! Combine this two together and you have a knockout!

This coming November 14, 2010, Filipinos will once more be glued to their TV screens and life seems to stop once more as their perennial champion Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao fights for pride and glory of our country against a worthy opponent by the name of Antonio Margarito. I support Manny 100% as I know his abilities as a boxer and his dedication to his sport. That can be easily seen with his 9 world titles from 7 different weight divisions. Aside from that, he fights with heart and not just for the prizes or fame. He's one true champion and continues to be one of the idols of the Filipino people.

Go Manny and make Philippines proud once more! Just like Head and Shoulders, I am supporting Manny all the way. Go for the win!!! Best of luck to our "Pambansang Kamao"!!!

Photo and video courtesy of Nuffnang


  1. the embed video wasnt working..good luck

  2. it's working perfectly. all 34 seconds of it

  3. This is one event where the our world stops spinning. This sunday is the day when Manny Pacquiao will make us hold our breath.

    Good Luck to You! Pacman!

  4. yup goodluck to Manny. hey Spiderham, are you watching the match in Cuneta?



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