Thursday, January 2, 2014


As I was starting on trying out photography, it was difficult to convince people to pose for me - a relative unknown. At times, I get foot flat rejected and at times even bullied. But thanks to these few people who trusted me. Since then it was a wonderful journey already and I am willing to take another batch of shots with you guys. These are the few people who actually believed in my talent.

Kerwin, Xander, Blue, Whacky, Kim, Kenjie, Lux, Shun, Gene, Sam, Laurence, Joel, Nuel, Kien, Joey, Chard - thanks a lot. Your time posing for me was indeed well appreciated. After all, I could have not made it to where I am currently in without you guys.

Kerwin - thanks for being a very good friend and also for being a very nice person. I appreciate that you posed for me and all I could say was the pictures were really wonderful.

Xander - you were my very first model ever and it is very kind of you to trust me. It was a good start after all as several models came after I have taken your pictures. Thanks for being very friendly and nice.

Blue - it was a wonderful experience taking pictures of you. Add that to the fact that I enjoyed our chit-chats while doing the shoot. Truly humble and nice in person. Again, thanks a lot.

Whacky-  it was a sudden photoshoot session with you but the results were equally great. Thank you for being such a cool and nice guy. Till our next session.

Kim - you are one of the few first models I have and I am thankful I got to know you. Great face and wonderful personality indeed. Thanks again.

Kenjie - thanks for the nice chat and the wonderful and fun time with our photoshoot. Very down-to-earth and nice indeed, it was nice being a friend.

Lux - Though relatively new in posing in front of cameras, it was still a nice session with you. Thanks for the good attitude you have shown and keep it up as always.

Shun - another one of those who are truly fearless. Thanks for entrusting me to take pictures of you. Excited for our next shoot this 2014.

Gene - tons of appreciation from me to you. Though a bit timid and silent, once the camera is on you are gamely ready for the shot. Take care always.

Sam - another one of the shy types. It was a nice experience with you and the shoot though brief was indeed fun. Hope to see you again this 2014.

Laurence - thanks for remaining one of my friends even after the shoot. It has been a while since I last saw you. Take care always.

Joel - for the efforts of bringing a lot of clothes during our shoot, thanks a lot. It was a wonderful time taking pics of you. Till our next shoot.

Nuel - thank you very much for entrusting me. I never expected that I would have a chance to take pictures of you much more on a shoot. You are always one of my nicest friends. See you soon.

Kien - you were just effortless during the shoot and I am thankful to have known you personally. Thanks for the nice poses and the great pics.

Joey - thanks for believing me and giving me a chance to shoot you. You are so nice and humble and the time we had during the shoot was worth remembering.

Chard - another one of my friends who I have persuaded to have a shoot with me. Thanks a lot for the time and effort. See you again!

I have shot quite a lot already but these bunch are the first ones who actually believed in my talent and ability. Here's to a more prosperous 2014 to all of us!

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