Thursday, January 2, 2014


As I continue my journey to the land of photography, I have met new models and have made new friends. To these select few that have been nice and wonderful, here's to a better 2014 to all of us. I am very grateful to have known all of you. Let's keep in touch and all be merry this new year.

JP, Benz, Albert, Bobby, Micko, Jon, Winston and Max - Happy 2014 to all of you!

JP - thanks for being so nice and well-mannered. You are indeed a joy to take pictures at. Your kindness and good attitude is a big bonus for us photographers and it is really nice to have you as one of my new friends in 2013. Really hoping to have more times together and always take care.

Benz - silent yet very nice. Your appeal is really outstanding that a lot have made good comments about my shoot with you. Thanks for the opportunity and looking forward to working with you again. It is nice to know people that are kind-hearted and very nice.

Albert - sweet and very nice. Your pics are also gorgeous and it was such a pleasure to photoshoot you. Easy to work with and very humble. Here's hoping for more success in 2014.

Bobby - another one of those stunners. You truly are a gem for photographers to take pictures at. Very bubbly and nice, you are both hot and gorgeous at the same time. Cheers for the new year.

Micko - truly a talented guy. Not only does he have a good body and a handsome face, he is also packed with wit and a whole bunch of talent (painting). Thanks for the great time and the friendship. Excited to see you again.

Jon - youthful energy embodies this guy. He made it an easy work to take pictures as he posed his way to every angle and shot. Thanks for the wonderful friendship. Looking forward to our next shoots in 2014.

Winston - thanks for being kind and humble. It was nice meeting you. More projects for 2014 and may you remain as nice as you are.

Max - truly one of the more sincere people I have known. Very meticulous in everything yet still very nice and warm. Thanks for the nice 2013 shoot.

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