Thursday, January 2, 2014


To the GGSS Group, thanks for trusting me to take some of your pictures. It was fun being with you guys. Each one of are not just body and beauty but also brains. I had fun talking with you and really looking forward to new shoots with you. Thanks a lot.

Jamil, my greatest thanks to you as you introduced me to your group and allowed me to capture you in my lenses. Very appealing indeed added to the fact that you have wit and personality as well. Thanks for the great shots and I am only happy to have known such a guy like you.

Mhemo, indeed fearless. It was a blazing photoshoot with you and I really enjoyed the short time with you. Here's hoping that we could do this once again to show the world how hot you truly are. Thanks for the great shots.

Jhoker, truly prepared. I was so surprised you had a lot in your bag when we did the shoot. It was a worthwhile experience and I applaud you for that. 2013 was a great for you and here's wishing you continued success.

Steph, simple and still a bit shy. But in front of the camera, you showed you can be on par with others. Thanks for the nice chats and see you again.

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