Thursday, January 2, 2014


The K5 family is a big group of lovely people and young individuals. And in the past year, I was more than thankful to have a chance to actually take pictures to some of them and I would have to say it was a blast. They were really gorgeously beautiful in all aspects - in and out. Hot in their own individual ways, each one strutted their best in front of the camera and has form a big part in my JA Photography journey.

To Migs, Lervin, JayAr, Kiko, Janjep and the late Carlos, thanks to all of you for the great photos.

Migs, quiet at first but will definitely make you feel welcome. His nice demeanor coupled by his boy next door looks makes him really likeable. Thanks for the great shots.

Lervin, one of the friendliest among the group. He is a natural in terms of pictures and would make you feel at ease when you talk to him. Truly a nice person.

JayAr, another one of the nicest and coolest in the group. He is one with an own sense of humor coupled by his great attitude. Thanks again for the pictures.

Kiko, during the shoot was all business and he gave some of the great shots indeed. Silent yet very meaningful and still has some funny bones in him as well.

Carlos, wherever you may be, you are sorely missed. Thanks for the great photos.

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