Sunday, January 5, 2014


2013 also saw a slew of words that caught netizens like flu. We count down the trending words that created buzz in the past year.

1. Selfie
Perhaps the most used of all buzz words in 2013 was "Selfie". This is the act of taking pictures of one's self. The thing here is using one's mobile phone or android or tablet, one could easily upload their pictures to the countless networking sites abound - facebook, instagram, twitter and wechat to name a few.

2. Throwback
Making a big splash in the net is throwback which loosely refers to pictures of the past posted in the present thus the term #Throwback Thursday. For others it was pure reminiscing, for some it is something to throw back. Just hope people get it right though, for me, pics taken a month ago isn't considered a throwback yet.

3. Pag Me Time
Gym, gym; Work work; Tulog tulog are some words that were usually added to "Pag me time" phrase insuating that people should be doing those stuff more often.

4. Paki-explain
When people post things on FB that are sometimes quite absurd or people don't understand thus the birth of Paki-explain.

5. Na-Janine
When Janine Tugonon guested in Kris TV admitting in national television that she and her bf who was also a guest of the show have already broken up, people associated her with the act of breaking people's hearts. "Ikaw, na-Janine ka na rin ba?"

6. Hashtag
Hashtag became extra famous this year with twitter and later on FB as well. This is used to start a phrase or word to enable exclusive trending in the web.

"Outfit of the Day" - short and simple. :) Fashionistas use and misuse this on their daily posts.

8. Wow, big word!
Relating to Sarah G's words in the movie "It Takes A Man and A Woman", this is actually to give emphasis on the word trust as the main issue on the film's plot. People use it afterwards to emphasize other things such as love etc...

9. Cronut
This is the combination of two well loved pastries of Filipinos - croissant and doughnuts. Yummy.

10. Sorry Po
Chichay made this line famous in the series "Got to Believe" and has been an instant hit to every young teens out there, well not to mention even the adults.

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