Monday, January 2, 2017


When people leave, we always weep and the pain lingers for a while. And when great people goes away and never come back, then tears just overflows. Much to the surprise by a lot of people specially to his friends like us, Ash Reginald Evasco has finally left us for good. He has found his place with God and I am sure he is already one of the angels watching over us.

Photographer Ash Reginald Evasco is a natural from day one. He seems to have his life in the fashion world. Started out doing some modeling for himself early on he went on and became one of the greater photographers we have known. His talent was quickly recognized and he did several works from brands and doing some shoots for celebrities. Superb, his technique is very subtle yet intricate. He gives more focus on the models and how to make them stand out rather than doing a lot of editings and therefore overshadowing the subject.

But aside from his talent, he stands out as someone who is really driven, hard-working and full of passion. But even with his status and fame he remains humble and keeps his feet on the ground. One of the more friendly ones one there, he is well loved by his friends and family. He will be sorely missed and wherever he may be his legacy will always remain. More importantly he will be staying within our hearts. We love you Ash...

It was way back 2012 when I had him in my list of great photographers and thanks for putting me into your page as well.

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