Wednesday, January 18, 2017


ABS-CBN made another successful drama with the heart-wrenching "The Greatest Love". It shows us one great love of a mother and how that love can survive despite adversities on a family setting. With Filipinos known for the strong family ties, this show really is a hit among TV viewers. Sometimes we tend to neglect the simplest of things in life which includes how we value and love our family especially our mothers.

The conflict is so big with the relationship of Sylvia Sanchez's character (Gloria) growing apart with her children and how the complexities of having a first and second family takes into play. The situation became much more difficult as she discovers she has Alzheimer's disease and that her status isn't getting any better. Sylvia was plain wonderful in her portrayal and makes you really believe that she has the disease. Her simple stares and blankness of her face calls for a tear or two to fall down one's cheek.

Aside from her strong role, she is backed by an equally strong support cast with her kids and her grandson. The eldest is portrayed by Dimples Romana (Amanda) and she has once again shown that she is one of the best talents out there. Her arrogance and pride is what most viewers laud about her character and Romana aptly played the part. Andi Eigenmann (Lizelle) is like the kindest of all Gloria's children. And Andi was as effective and convincing as she channels and inner purity and humility that is vividly shown on her every shot. Arron Villaflor (Paeng) again shows consistency and his portrayal makes you really hate him for his boisterous behavior and his too much belief in himself. Matt Evans (Andres) is also as convincing as a young gay son who strives to go out of the shadows of his sisters but remains loving of his mother despite some differences. Joshua Garcia is a revelation as he did a challenging role as a loving grandson who feels so much connection with his lola.

The Greatest Love is surely a hit and will go down in history as probably one of the best family dramas there is. It touches the heart in its simplest form and it makes us remember that love is a great emotion and that we should be giving out the affection for people to experience the beauty of the world.

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