Wednesday, January 11, 2017


The Force Awakens just set the bar too high in all aspects of the Star War Trilogy, that being said, the newest installment on this highly successful film franchise was a tad lower in terms of everything else but still is a definite crowd pleaser.

Rogue One is technically a spin-off unlike the well received and well-loved The Force Awakens which served as a bridge of the old and the new universe of Star Wars. It's the first stand-alone chapter in the saga which for that idea was successful in its sense. But the departure from the main arc that hardcore fans just so love did have a backlash.

The story focuses on young woman (Jyn Erso) and her rebel band stealing plans for the Death Star. It has been a hit or miss when we have woman protagonists in films and this is somehow in between. I think the saving grace is that Felicity Jones was such a great actress and that she played the role perfectly although sometimes I felt the character in itself lacks depth unlike the other Wars characters from the past. Good points is that there are no odd characters for this film although sometimes the storytelling tends to be slow making it feel like they want you to munch every detail in just one sitting. The visuals and the fight scenes are highly commendable as usual as well as the cinematography and editing.

For a starter in planned new trilogy arc, this is a relatively good one - not the best but definitely note-worthy. But again it pales in comparison to the other films in the franchise. 8 out of 10 popcorns for me.

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