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Hours before the 65th Miss Universe gets underway and crown a new queen, I have carefully examined all things that have happened in the past few weeks putting more attention on the preliminaries but still factoring in some of the key points each delegate have gone to their merits in choosing my final list of candidates who I think will fare well today. Although the national costume is not gonna play a factor on the scores, it is important to note how some performed during the event as well. And while not much has been said on the preliminary interviews, we still have more or less what we can have in judging these ladies in time for today's final night. Based on over-all performance, here are my Top 20.

1. Maxine Medina (Philippines)
I gotta give it to her. Having the pageant on her home country is a lot of pressure but I did not see any sign of fumbling with this lady. She came out beaming in the presentations and was a sign of freshness and happiness in her swimwear during the preliminaries. Despite an average evening gown, she still excelled as her beautiful face became the focus on her ramp and she was so gorgeous. And she brought class in her national costume as well.

 2. Sal Garcia (Dominican Republic)
She has been shadowed by her other American counterparts but this hot lady certainly redeemed herself in the preliminaries. I personally loved her swimsuit in where she showed off her great body and was beaming with all smiles. I also put her evening gown as my favorite with all the intricate details and the way it was suited to her like she was a goddess.

3. Chalita Suansane (Thailand)
One of the favorites from start to end by a lot of beauty critics, Chalita could be another great chance for Thailand to win the crown. Poised and armed with grace she strutted her way into the preliminaries and surely got her high marks specially in the evening gown where the drama of her dress was well paired by the depth in her expression. If she wants the crown to be hers, she better have her "A" game in the finals.

5. Raissa Santana (Brazil)
Remember this girl as she might string a surprise or two. Her unique looks is a plus to many beauty critics and her striking personality more than adds up to a great lady with a mission. She is here to win and with strong swimsuit and national costume putting emphasis on her sexy body, she did pretty well despite a bit of a boring evening gown which she still carried out too well.

5. Andrea Tovar (Colombia)
I could not help but put her on the higher ranks despite me thinking that previous year's Colombia candidates were much better. But she is fierce and is ready to strike at the right timing. Her face is the traditional beauty most people appreciate and while others feel she may have gained weight, I still think she rocked that swimsuit and that she is still very sexy indeed. The average evening gown performance may have hurt her rankings but come finals night we expect her to have it all.

6. Iris Mittenaere (France)
Only a few have taken notice of this French gal and she has been just going below the radar for quite some time. But her strong preliminaries have somehow put her back up there. I loved how she brought herself in the swimsuit and how finesse she was in the evening gown. And despite the national costume points not really counting, she was gorgeous on those "Moulin Rouge" costume and she really did turn the heat up.

7. Mariam Habach (Venezuela)
As usual Venezuela delivers but I have the feeling that her preliminaries were too calculated and too much drama. I prefer it to be simpler and more elegant rather than boisterous. But nonetheless, she did a pretty solid job on all the segments and looked stunning in most of her shots. Never discount her out of the title picture as I know she is more than capable of doing great in the finals night.

8. Marina Jacoby (Nicaragua)
Another country that is usually overshadowed by strong performances by neighboring countries, this year may be the best chance for a Nicaragua win. Her swimsuit and her body poses were on point during the preliminaries. Despite a safe red evening gown, she came back firing all guns with her national costume as her pretty face stood out despite the loads of accessories embellished on her costume.

9. Zoey Ivory (Netherlands)
If Miss Universe would only look at the face value I believe this Dutch will win it all. Thosefacial features are just stunning and very feminine. Her preliminaries however was sort of a hit or miss with some of the outfit choices being good and some just average. If she wants to advance further into the finals, she needs to not just rely on her beauty but also come out strong with how she carries herself.

10. Noelia Freira (Spain)
She has not been the talk of the town the past few weeks but this girl has potential. Her face exudes confidence and has regal written all over it. She brings with her chic and class which can be on her favor. The gown was great and so as the swimsuit choice but I have only a concern with her body as hers was not as strong as the other delegates ahead of her. But if she can pull off a confidence ramp in those swim wear then she may be another dark horse.

11. Hawa Kamara (Sierra Leone)
Crowd favorite Hawa did as expected in the prelims. She delivered a solid over-all performance which could translate to her being into the semifinals. And despite her not being the best in all aspects, this lady has spunk and personality and people seem to relate to her by much which could do her oh so well in the competition.

12. Caris Tiivel (Australia)
I was waiting for a strong performance by Australia for me to include her in my higher spots but aside from a stunning gown in the preliminaries, I was left wanting for more. I do not discount the fact that she has one of the prettier faces in the competition. But that alone could not win her the crown. Let us see if there is something more that could surprise us from Caris' bag.

13. Kezia Warouw (Indonesia)
The 3rd of 4th SouthEast Asian beauty on my list, Kezia has proven to be a possible contender just narrowly missing my Top 12. She did a relatively good job in the preliminaries and somehow showed that she can battle with the favorites. She has authentic feel on her that makes you wanna take a second look. If she can nab a Top 12 spot then she can gun it out for even higher rankings in the finals.

14. Keity Drennan (Panama)
Her confidence seemed to have a boost after her stunning glam shot and her preliminary showing is a testament to that. The swimsuit and gown was good and she made it better with how well she carried herself in front of the crowd. If she can gather all the pieces and have it one last thrust to the finals, she can play well against our perennial favorites as well with her looks, body and confidence.

15. Kristal Silva (Mexico)
She is one hot delegate from the get go but maybe I was expecting more from her. I thought she did a solid preliminary but I was expecting greater than that. She failed to capitalize on her strong facial features and her outstanding aura. Her possibility of landing a Top 12 spot is not remote but if she does go there, she needs to step up some more. If the judges see what I have seen from her in the past days that saw me rank her much higher, then she can possibly go higher.

16. Chanelle de Lau (Curacao)
Before the preliminaries, she was just like a regular candidate but she came out firing from the start to finish. She showed that she is here not just to compete but to possibly get the crown. What she lacks in other aspects she made it up for her confidence and spunk. She did well on her swimsuit and stayed consistent in her evening gown.

17. Stephanie Geldhof (Belgium)
It pains me to put one of my early favorites down in the rankings but I can't help but do so. She remains to be one of the best looking girls in the competition but her preliminaries was like an on and off affair. She turned up the heat with his swimwear but underwhelmed with her gown. I guess her young age is being more evident moreso as she fails to really impress a lot.

18. Brenda Jimenez (Puerto Rico)
Brenda put up a solid performance but with some of her competition raising the bar, she is one of those few that slid some notches and failed to really be noticed. She had an average swimsuit round which was only partly saved by a good evening gown. On the preliminaries, she looked liked she lack interest which could hurt her chances.

19. Deshauna Barber (USA)
Well, USA is USA but her preliminaries could be summed up with her national costume performance. She has prepared but came up a bit short much like her wings which failed to open up on the segment. An unflattering gown couples by just an average swimsuit hurt her chances but I think she did pretty well in the interviews which could spell for her moving up the ranks.

20. Kiran Jassal (Malaysia)
She did well in the prelims but I have a feeling that with 3 other SEA beauties ahead of her she might be overlooked in some way or another. And with her preliminaries just "good" she may find it difficult of landing a Top 12 spot despite her great facial features and sexy body.

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