Sunday, July 15, 2012


Life is only borrowed and there will come a time that the earthly body will come to cease of its existence but still the soul lives on and the memories will forever be etched in everybody's hearts.

Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr. more commonly known as Dolphy is a picture of on great individual we will sorely miss. His death just this July 10 is something that made people around the country mourn and be in great sadness. The Comedy King as he is also fondly known, has truly become a part of our culture and he will surely be missed.

Dolphy has provided us decades of laughter and good values with him showing us how talented he is as a thespian. Aside from that we never heard bad things about him. His legacy is something that will be remembered forever. He has graced numerous movies and has been a star of several TV shows that have changed landscape of comedy in the metro.

Depending on what generation you are from, you might remember him as the ever endearing John Puruntong (John & Marsha) or the good father Kevin Cosme (Home Along Da Riles). He has made us laugh at the same time teaching life's good lessons of perseverance, good deeds and putting family on top. He was a father image to all of us. Those kind of comedy were precious yet very heart-felt. In the movies, he was just making one hit after the other way back in the 50s. 

He will surely be remembered for always. A true artist, a wonderful person and a great human being. Thanks for the memories Dolphy!

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