Friday, September 30, 2011


Horror/suspense films tend to always drag as the years go by and this can be said of the Final Destination series. The first one was good bu the next installments were just plain boring or sometimes uninteresting. But the fifth offering has somehow got out of that sad fate.

Final Destination 5 also gets a 3D treatment to add to its commercial appeal. So how did the film fare? Again we know the premise of Final Destination wherein a group of individuals seem to have escaped death but death comes striking back and haunt them. What makes this edition different is the feel. There is somehow a feel of sophistication and a bit of heightened gore with the scenes. The cinematography and editing were commendable and really something that has vastly improved from the past films.

The cast are relatively unknowns but did great in their task of being convincing while being killed. Although some of the scenes were more akin to Saw than FD, it was all worth the scare. Tony Todd is back again for his role, which is sort of creepy and scary at the same time. Overall, it did give me scare but not super!

3.5 out of 5 popcorns

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