Thursday, September 1, 2011


Just as the Philippine Volcanoes were doing rampage with the underwear battles. Two Azkals have braved the heat and have accepted the challenge. Game on! Weeks ago, I have featured Neil Ethridge who was smoldering hot for Folded & Hung. And this time around, it's the Azkals Team Captain Aly Borromeo in the spotlight and he is scorching as well.

Born in 1983, he has been representing the country since 2000 in the AFC Youth Championship qualifiers. Back then, soccer was not that popular yet with Filipinos but with the outburst of celebrity players like the Younghusband brothers, the popularity of the team soon blossomed and each individual player got their own taste of limelight - some more like Aly currently has.

I am sure loads of people are again lining up in Bench stores and trying to see the undies worn by Aly. Is he hot? Well, it's for you to judge!

Photos: Bench website

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