Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The reincarnation of "Conan, The Barbarian" comes to the cinemas with former Baywatch hottie Jason Momoa taking on the lead role. Dark and murky are some of the words I could tell on this film. The film is bounded on the dark side which is quite interesting but the whole storyline was plain murky and blurred.

The film takes us to the journey of Conan across the continent of Hyboria on his quest for revenge. He is looking to avenge the murder of his father and the slaughter of his entire village. There were few mismatches for the film. First is the casting of Conan himself. Conan as portrayed in the books is someone that is a towering figure and a huge physique. Jason is sexy and all but not really to the muscular standards of the barbarian. I also did not like the cinematography as most scenes tend to be dark and not really pleasing to the eyes. The 3D effect made it worse making the scenes too dark to become watchable. The battle scenes of Conan and his enemies were somehow good but aside from that nothing is new and great. The overall story is predictable so much with the scenes where Conan and Tamara became trapped. It was like knowing you'll die and just waiting for it.

Overall, this film can be one of those direct to DVD format or much more just a made for TV movie. Nothing much to rave about. This is a 2.5 out 5 popcorns.

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