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Music is also a big part of my life. I have been singing from childhood until now. Frequenting music contests and even parties of family and friends. And for 2010 a lot of artists have been a regular fixture in my ipod. Here's my Top 10 foreign male artists.

1. Bruno Mars
- Coz' he's just amazing. He has done exceptionally well in 2010 with big hits one after the other. It was the song "Nothin' On You" that introduced me to this guy but after that I just loved every song he released from "Grenade",  "Just The Way You Are" and my personal favorite "Billionaire". I wanna be a billionaire, so freakin' bad!

2. Eminem
- The Real Slim Shady is back with a big bang. Eminem has once again stormed to the top of the charts. "Not Afraid" was good but what made me love Eminem more is his collaboration with Rihanna "I Love The Way You Lie".

3. Justin Bieber
- Alright shoot me if you want! But I like Justin Bieber. His songs are just way too good to pass on. He has become a cult favorite in Youtube, MTV and the radio stations. For 2010, he has released good songs after the other - "Somebody To Love", "Never Say Never" and my personal favorite "U Smile". For 2011, things are starting great with "Pray", a movie, and a concert in Manila.

4. Trey Songz
- Trey is my top R&B guy for 2010. He has been in the biz for quite some time but he crept into my interest with his collaboration with Toni Braxton "So Yesterday" which showed his vocal range and prowess. Then, he got into the soundtrack of Step Up 3D and crooned his way with "Already Taken". And how can i forget the fun "Bottoms Up" with Nicki Minaj.

5. Usher
- Well, not that I love him less nowadays. It just so happens that Trey's songs are more wonderful for me in 2010. Usher still proved to reign R&B charts. 2010's big hits for him include "Somebody To Love" with Justin Bieber and "DJs Got Us Fallin' In Love". Dance, dance!

6. David Archuleta
- AI's runner-up David has once again proven his popstar power. Years after finishing second to David Cook, David Archuleta still packs the same charisma. For 2010, his song "Something About Love" did make my listening time a pure pleasure.

7. Jason DeRulo
- Jason is rocking the dance floor in 2010. From his strong debut "Whatchasay" he did not stop from giving high energy songs after the other. "Ridin' Solo", "In My Head" and "Sky's To The Limit" just made me groove day in, day out. And when I thought he can't sing soft ballads, he released "What If" and of course his album track "Blind" is just a revelation.

8. Ne-Yo
- His 2010 songs were not as widely successful as his previous years' hits. But still I found dancing to the groove of his tunes specially "One In A Million". It has a nice video to boot as well. Also who could forget "Beautiful Monster"? Hoping for more of him in 2011.

9. Taeyang
- The Asian Usher, as he is fondly called. Taeyang burst into interest after several videos f him crowded the Channel V airwaves. He's hot, he dances well and has a great body. He's just wow, wow, wow!

10. Enrique Iglesias
- Latin superstar Enrique Iglesias has sure stayed on the biz. With his age, he is still as hot as ever and still sings with the highest sensuality level. "I Like It" with Pitbull became a cult favorite in clubs for 2010.

Credits: Yahoo Music

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