Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Star Cinema and Viva Films joins forces this time to give us one film that tackles a very common topic - infidelity. At first I was not sure if i want to watch such film but with a strong trailer to boot, I was convinced to watch it in the cinemas. Starring 3 of the sexiest and hottest stars in the country (Cristine Reyes, Derek Ramsay and Anne Curtis), "No Other Woman" is not your ordinary movie.

What makes this film a worth-watch one? First of all, the premise and the story is simple and easy to relate to. For some it may be taboo but I like the way the film touched on the issue with delicate taste. One could actually ask what they'll do if they encounter such situation in life. The way the story was told was not boring and dragging and you could easily connect with the film. Another stand-out for this film is the careful selection of dialogues. The words from each character did not seem forced at all and came as natural as possible. There are a lot of dialogues to be remembered in the film from which were easily the talk of the whole net community. Effortless delivery is what sets it apart from the other movies. The confrontation scenes of Cristine and Anne did not come as downright nasty but the string words just showed how intense the situation is.

The cinematography was exquisite as we were treated to a lot of great sceneries and shots of the beach and even the metro making us see the beauty of each location. The colors were vividly pictured setting the mood on every scene may it be tense, passionate or heartwarming. Another key success of this film is the ensemble's commendable acting. Derek Ramsey for once, have outdone himself in his portrayal of the husband who played  and loved it but still shows great love on his wife. Cristine Reyes was good on both occassions being a martyr and a bitch. She dabbles from one character to another with relative ease. You can feel in her the pain of wives encountering infidelity issues. Anne Curtis was just magnificent. All her scenes were just great. She is stunning as herself and did a wonderful portrayal of the role. Anne played the role of a very strong lady whose sexiness she uses to enjoy and play with guys. But while she may be tough in the outside, her weaknesses were exposed when her heart takes over. She was fierce when she wants to fight but you feel her vulnerability during times of doubts. Kudos also to Carmi Martin who did a great portrayal of Cristine's mom. Her candidness stood out and up to now some of the dialogues she said on the film are being used.

"No Other Woman" have sparks of greatness all sewed into it as it combines a great material with a spectacular cast. The ending may have been too ideal but it is only a reminder to us that ideals can still happen even if we live in a complex world. The subplots were not explicitly ended (Derek's conflict with his dad) but I think it is better to leave it that way as it stayed true to its core storyline which is about infidelity. This is a much watch for couples to actually check where they are and see how things like this can be avoided. 5 out of  5 popcorns.

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