Friday, November 19, 2010


"For All Of My Life" is the song that has been a big part of their lives. For my sister, Rose and her new hubby Ryan, all I could see is happiness. They are both brimming with smiles and I could not help but be happy for them as well. November 17, 2010 marked their union through civil wedding and it will be the start of a life of togetherness.

I was in the civil wedding ang got a lot of things learned from the presiding judge. He told that MONEY should never be a part of one's relationship as usually it just tends to complicate things between couples. It is compelling that he told that MONEY is just an acronym - Momentarily Owned Not Eternally Yours. Wow, that truly shows something that being rich and getting a better financial standing will not merit a successful marriage. It is love and devotion, trust and respect. He has told a lot more about success, love, reasons and all. Truly marriage is a special contract - no expiration dates, only bounded by love!

To Ate Rose and Kuya Ryan, congratulations. May God continously bless you both. I know you both love each other much. Kakainggit! =)

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