Monday, July 16, 2012


One of my most beloved restos would have to Friday's. It's great food choices, wonderful ambiance and friendly staff is what makes it one of the best around the metro. It is indeed a wonderful treat for couples, barkadas and even just by yourself.

Two of my most frequently ordered food in the store would have to be their clubhouse sandwich and the chicken fingers. The clubhouse is truly one that bangs the house down. It's fresh bread combined with the fullness of all its ingredients makes it a mouth-watering treat. All elements of a clubhouse is present making it one of the better renditions of this food. The ham, the cheese, the veggies - all of them are carefully combined to sum up a great dish for everyone.

And of course my favorite would have to be the Chicken Fingers - huge servings of chicken meat covered in breading and served with fries on the side. And that alone does not make it sumptuous. Add the wonderful honey mustard sauce and you've got a winner.

I miss them already. By the way, with me in the pics is my bestfriend as we both enjoy Friday's.

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