Monday, July 30, 2012


Making big buzz nowadays in Manila is Zark's Burgers. It has been creating a lot of buzz lately with their great live of burgers that is both mouth-watering and challenging as well. The big servings of patties and the great taste of all the ingredients makes it one wonderful experience. Me and my friend tried their burgers recently and for considerable price of around 150 php to 500 php, it was sure worth it.

I tried their Zark's Ultimate Burger which is a combination of quarter pound of burger patty, mushrooms, bacons and some veggies. And topping it is the mouth-watering cheese that spells delectable. Priced at Php 130, you can add fries and drinks by just adding Php 20. That is such a treat. My friend tried the Fried Mushroom Burger. One could choose a quarter or half pound of patty with deep fried mushrooms and fried bread buns as well. Served super hot off the grill, it was also a great food experience. And it comes with yummy barbeque rum sauce. Php 185.

We did not try their 2 hottest burgers as we're afraid we can't finish them up. But they do have their ongoing promos related to these 2. The Jawbreaker which is a burger of triple patty, bacon, spam and cheese. Priced at Php 250, this comes in free if you can finish the whole plate in 5 minutes. Not you can try to emp0ty those stomachs first before trying this out.

And there is also the Tombstone. By the name itself, it is something I opt not to try. Php 500 for a big full burger. (2 pounds of burger) + 400 grams of fries. Now that is for the hungry people out there. One can finish this up in 10 minutes and get a chance to be featured in the Zark;s Burger's Hall of Fame Wall!

Now this is definitely a hit! Hope Zark's grows bigger and have more branches.Happy burger! Zark's Burger is located at 2nd Floor Arthur Nook's Building, Taft Avenue and President's Ave, BF homes Paranaque. Below is the menu! :)

Photo Credits: Bloggers Own and Zark's Burgers FB page

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