Monday, July 16, 2012


The London Olympics is just a few days away and a lot of attention is already being given to the sporting spectacle. And as most of the people know, Great Britain is making its big hurrah towards the championships and their British delegation is surely making their best efforts to make sure they hit gold in London.

But as the games go into full throttle, one of the biggest and most famous British athlete is making us want more. British diver Tom Daley made his gracious self felt in the magazine "Fabulous". And man, do his pictures spell hot. The diver who went into stardom as a very young athlete has certainly grown up to a fine young man. As an 18 year old lad, he is definitely one hot property. See for yourself.

He might not be a shoo-in for the crown at the diving competitions in London but for sure in the hearts of his legion of fans, he is the best there is.

Photo Credits: Fabulous Magazine

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