Tuesday, July 17, 2012


In the advent of the tea wars in the metro, power coffee maker Starbucks dives into the bandwagon as well bringing two new flavors that would definitely cater those tea-loving taste buds. Welcome their 2 new concoctions - Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino and Hojicha Tea Jelly.

Both are wonderfully flavored tea drinks that makes you take a break of that coffee addiction. The Red Bean Green Tea is one that is surely targeting the sweet taste buds. Its fresh and sweet blend tickles the inner most taste buds of the tea lover. The added texture of the red beans makes a contrast to the soft frappuccino blend making it a great sip every single bit.

On the other hand Hojicha goes back to the roots of the tea family. Aromatic and spell-bounding might be the words to describe this drink. Add the strong flavor of the Earl Grey Jelly and you have a wake-upper of a tea. I personally like this better as it just suits my desire for a stronger blend of tea. Have these two new blends and add a good serving of their pastries and you have a match! (In Starbucks with friend Francis)

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