Tuesday, July 17, 2012


And Kimmy and Dora are back promising to give us another round of laughter. In this sequel to the beloved 2009 film, "Kimmy Dora and The Temple of Kiyeme" combines hilarious plot with a horror twist and some out of this world antics.

Eugene Domingo again stars as the twins Kimmy and Dora and has once again impressed with her ingenuity in acting. She effortlessly shifts from one character to the other. She is convincing as the strong dictatorial Kimmy as she is as wonderful as the lovely yet sometimes slow Dora. She makes it look like acting is really easy. Each move and dialogue is intricately portrayed making it seem like there are 2 people acting the piece.

The film however did not have much storyline to boot yet it was all fun to begin with. The flashbacks from the time Kimmy and Dora were not yet even born still provided much laughs and at least showed us a part of the family's history. And although this film was doused with a horror feel and some supernatural scenes on top of it, it still did not leave the comic genre by much.

Joyce Bernal was again triumphant in providing a fun-filled movie experience that makes us laugh all out. Aside from Eugene, the entire cast was good and it was a fun thing to watch every scene where you'll find occasional cameos from big stars in the biz. Punchlines were abound and the delivery was just remarkable. And yes the dog stole some limelight as well.

Overall, this one's a 4 out 5 popcorns.

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