Wednesday, August 18, 2010


One of the top 3 animated films I really like is Toy Story (the others being Lion King and Up). And it was a nice treat that earlier this year, Pixar released the 3rd installment to successful movie franchise. Buzz, Woody and the rest of the gang returns to the big screen and to give its viewers a whole new experience, Pixar added a 3D treatment to the flick. I don’t mind if this film is only shown in 2D. Quickly, it etched its way to my heart.
The big question the movie posted was what will happen to one’s toys once its owner grows up? This is the main conflict presented by Toy Story 3. Andy finds his way to college, he is left with decision as to where his toys would be. With the thought that Andy no longer wants them, the toys sneaked to get out of the house and finally made their way to a Day Care. New characters were introduced (Lotso, Barbie, Ken etc…). New twists and turns await our toys as they try to survive and find their way back to Andy.

I might say this is the best of the 3 Toy Story films. It brings a sort of nostalgia to see some of your favorite characters return for one last time. The story is a heartfelt one as it seemed like the producers and writers are so emotionally attached to it that they find difficulty in saying goodbye. I cried to its ending as I felt how hard it is to say goodbye to the things you really love and value. But Toy Story 3 reminded me that sometimes we are not bound to stay together with our loved ones forever. What’s important is to keep them close to your heart and mind. Loving does not mean physically being together. It is the overflowing of emotions that can be shared even by people miles apart. And in the process of leaving sometimes you present better opportunities to both you and your loved ones. Toy Story 3 will forever remain as one of the best films I have watched. 5 out of 5 popcorns.

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