Sunday, November 20, 2016


At first look, Jun Lana's film seems like a queer movie that celebrates gayness in its simplest of forms. But despite the regular sprinkles of fun and gayness, the movie is as straight as it can be with the main plot actually focusing on the character of Kylie played by Anne Curtis. The journey of Anne's character towards the awkward realization that her ex-boyfriend is marrying someone else and a guy as what most don't expect takes a roller coaster turn of events as it may have been that all of her exes turn out to be gays. Gay magnet I might have to say.

But the story came into a different twist when Kylie gets entangled with the conflict of another one of his exes Benj (Paolo Ballesteros) who has an undying love with a gut Diego (Dennis Trillo). In their quest to find out if Diego is queer or not we are put into an endless barrage of fun moments that says loud and proud. The gay ingredient worked well with the movie specially with the comic antics of Anne, Paolo and even the good comedic timing of Dennis.

The plot may be a regular love plot only that it has its gay conflicts intertwined with the plot. The seeming silliness and the bravado of each cast in providing unique laughter was really a fun ride. Love is the main theme of the film and it focuses on all about that wonderful affection - platonic, love for friends - gay or straight. A very charming and charismatic movie indeed, this film entertains at all the right places with all the great acting by the ensemble.

8 out of 10 popcorns!!!

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