Thursday, November 24, 2016


First things first, I was never a big fan of Dr. Strange in the entire Marvel Universe so to begin with I was not too keen in watching this film. Add the fact that the titular role of Dr. Strange went to Benedict Cumberbatch, who I am not a big fan of and who I just knew from his roles in Star Trek and the Hobbit film series. But nothing to take away from the film. It was good but did not blow me away.

As the 14th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I was actually expecting more as I know Dr. Strange's character has a lot to do with the next films in the MCU but I was left hanging by a bit. Story wise I felt it was a bit lacking at some points but definitely this film has excelled in some ways or another. The stunning visuals were just great and I think that alone did justice in the new world MCU is trying to introduce. But for an intro film of a relatively new character, I believe this should have been better. It was cool and again Marvel and Disney did well in the visual spectacle and once more limped a bit on the story line aspect.

The action scenes were plainly filled with spectacles more like you are in trapped in the worlds of Inception and The Matrix. You will feel like you are inside one Rubik's cube and feel such a kaleidoscopic effect or as some may say a bit dizzying flurry of visuals. The film however failed to capitalize on the rich story behind Dr. Strange and just focused more on the aesthetics leaving people to actually yearn for more. The emotional part of the film somehow felt insufficient. I think only when the film was showcasing its lavish visual effects was it able to leverage on Dr. Strange's character. It was good but not close to excellence.

8 out of 10 popcorns!

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