Sunday, November 20, 2016


2016 Miss Supranational pageant is slowly approaching and some of the contestants have already arrived in Poland. As of date, 100 beauty queens from all across the globe will compete for the coveted crown and this early a lot of watchers are looking on for early favorites and some bets on who will be crowned this year.

I am giving out my fearless forecast on the initial list of contestants and from what I currently see from pictures of contestants in the websites and all across the web. I have my Top 10 bets who I think will do well in the pageant proper provided they do well in the pre-pageants as well.

1. Ecuador - Maria Isabel Pineyro
2. Philippines - Joanna Eden
3. Bolivia - Yesenia Barrientos
4. Czech Republic - Michaela Havova
5. Vietnam - Kha Trang
6. Venezuela - Valeria Vespoli
7. Malta - Dajana Laketic
8. Malaysia - Julylen Liew Gizelle
9. Australia - Silka Kurzak
10. Thailand - Chatchadaporn Kimakorn

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