Tuesday, August 3, 2010


What makes a hit food? It's a combination of great taste, best value for money, packaging and a wonderful campaign to sell it. This is why KFC succeeded in introducing us their latest on their wide array of menu choices. A new food wonder was born. Welcome, the KFC Twister Toasted.

Just when you thought KFC has ran out of ideas, here they are presenting with a new delicious treat. The Twister Toasted boosts a power packed food choice. Carefully chosen ingredients that would tickle your taste buds are in here. There is a diverse mix of flavor that did not seem odd but instead catered almost everybody's taste. The Twister is a pack of crunchy chicken bits, chicken and beef pepperoni, pizza sauce, mozarella cheese all wrapped in toasted tortilla. A very mouth watering feast. Available on all KFC branches here in the Philippines. It's success has also spawned a new "Fully Loaded Meal" with Twister Toasted. At a price of only PHP 159, you get to taste the Twister together with their signature Original or Hot and Crispy Chicken, beverage, brownie and their ever so famous gravy (only in the Philippines). Now the Twister has become a household name for KFC Philippines and I bet it’s gonna stay for awhile. Happy munching.

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